What is SEO?

A powerful tool in marketing is to assure that your brand or service shows up first on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to achieve that goal and get surfers’ attention and traffic on your website. The process involves keywords, meta descriptions and effective linking that helps your website move up the search engine ladder. Ranking high on search engines makes a great difference in terms of website visibility and potential business. Horton Group offers SEO packages suitable for every business.

Proven SEO Techniques

This powerful marketing tool will take your business to the next level. Mobile Apps Media can boost your online traffic and sales by using proven SEO techniques and managing your Google AdWords.

We specialize in:

  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Determining Optimized Keywords
  • Writing Creative Ad copy
  • Ongoing Content Management
  • Managing multiple creative campaign
SEO Process


Search engines like Google are not programmed to catch every possible grammatical error, but they do scan websites for basic spelling and grammar. The scanning technology integrated into search engines also seek websites with original content, instead of blotches of “cut and paste” content from other sources.
The adage “content is king” rings even more true for the best search engine ranking. A website’s ranking will skyrocket up the charts with keyword-rich, unique text – it takes precedence above everything else. When a website is scanned by Google it gives extra weight to the titlefirst few paragraphs of text and first few sentences of each paragraph. This runs parallel to the patterns of online readers who quickly scan pages for the most useful information first.
SEO doesn’t end there. Clickable links on a website leading to additional information, either internally or externally through other websites, have their own SEO values. External web links push search engine ranking up the most and internal links to a lesser degree, interpreting links as evidence that a website is more connected to other sites.

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